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Anzi Kids Café 

A Tasty Healthy Option for a Finicky Little One 

At Anzi Cafe we understand daily life is a constant and providing for our families is one of the most important aspects.   As a parent making sure our child eats a healthy well balanced meal they actual enjoy can be a challenging task for our particular preschoolers!  Our meal plan is geared towards families that attend preschools that don't currently offer a meal plan.   Our easy flexible meal plan is delivered daily.  With Anzi you have the confidence of knowing your child is eating healthy.   

Weekly Place your order no later than Sunday before 12pm.  options for the week / $30
Monthly - Place your order no later than Sunday before 12 at the 1st of each / $25
School - Parents can place their orders weekly or daily per child with a minimum of 6 students.  $4.50 per day, per child
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